"We are very pleased with the program thus far and are planning to expand it to our other facilities." -Wellington Management Company, LLP

In one centralized location, clients can report any issue and see how and when it’s resolved.

It’s technology that’s fun to use and makes your job easier.

envVisual is facility management for the digital age

Log, assign, track, and resolve problems as they arise, saving time for everyone involved


We provide our clients the most efficient way to see and understand the
work that needs to be done and the best way to get it done.

About the products

envVisual SP

Service Provider

With this system, everyone from janitors to gardeners and plumbers to electricians can easily communicate with their facility managers.

envVisual FM

Facility Manager

Using the Facility Manager version, you can oversee all open work orders and the technicians assigned to them.

envVisual PM

Property Manager

Manage multiple properties across a region, the country or the world from one location.

EnvVisual, Process Savings

The Old Way:

  • Multiple steps scattered over multiple systems
  • Time wasted in organizing and assigning
  • Lots of back and forth between manager and technician
  • Work orders can get lost in the shuffle
  • No way to measure performance

The envVisual Way:

  • One centralized place to report and track problems
  • Instant communication and delegation
  • Streamlined communication and notifications
  • Everything is stored in the cloud and send to individual devices
  • Automatically generated metrics and reports
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envVisual Explained

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