With Thanksgiving only a day away, we thought it would be nice to acknowledge the things that facility and property managers are thankful for. These folks are often under-appreciated and overlooked, so it seems only fitting that we give thanks for the FMs in our lives and strive to provide them the things they are thankful for.


A central part of a facility manager’s job is coordinating people to meet the needs of the people working in the facility, the service providers, and the needs of the facility itself. This involves an immense amount of planning and communication. Service providers who aren’t there when they say they will be can be infuriating for everybody, but is especially so facility managers.


Consistency and reliability are huge for FM’s. Like punctuality, consistency means getting the work done on-time, within budget, every time. A lack of reliability means that FMs have to do their job twice, forcing them to reschedule service visits, coordinate with all parties, and take responsibility for the lack of reliability on the part of service providers. FMs love people who are committed to them, who promise and then deliver high-quality work.

Technology that Works

Technology can be unreliable, over-complicated, and frivolous, but the right technology in the right space can make a world of difference in a facility. In a hectic daily schedule, technology that works can be the force that aligns all the priorities, needs, and people into a cohesive, well-oiled machine.

We can certainly think of one piece of tech that falls into that category, but let us know what other tech you love, and what else you’re thankful for as an FM!

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