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Managing several properties is easy with envVisual

Property management is a mountain of work. It is the challenge of coordinating people, resources, and activities to ensure that multiple properties are healthy and producing. For PMs, the priority is delegating maintenance quickly and effectively, which means delivering the right information to the right people in a timely manner. At envVisual, we strive to empower property management teams with information in the office or in the field, so we rounded up some tips to help you become the best PM you can be.

1. Use Dedicated Software

Too many property managers we talk to still rely on spreadsheets, sticky notes, desktop calendars, hand-written notes, and a bevy of other systems for managing repair requests, scheduled maintenance, and property inspections. Relying on these systems leaves you open to a lot of human error and confusion. Identify what functionality would streamline and consolidate all of your teams’ processes, and do some research. Investing in the right software will make your work life easier and allow you to be better at your job and keep your property in good health.

2. Give Your Team the Right Tools

In addition to giving yourself the right tools to keep organized, put processes in place that ensure everybody involved is on the same page. Using multiple lines of communication, reminders, and shared data pools can help you and your people stay informed and keep priorities and resources aligned across your teams and contractors.

3. Relationships Matter

Establish and maintain professional relationships with the people you work with, including your team members, tenants, contractors, and building owners. Part of the challenge of property management is making sure that all of your constituents are happy and your facility is operational, and when you have strong relationships with your people, they’ll make an effort to make your work easier as well.

4. Stay positive

Being a property manager can sometimes be a thankless job, especially when something goes wrong in your facility and responsibility falls on you to get it resolved. Ironically, in many cases, the better you are at keeping your properties running smoothly, the worse the reaction is when something outside of your control happens. Reward exceptional performance and treat mistakes as learning opportunities. Keeping a positive attitude will help your team stay focused and feel good about what their work, and that will keep all of your constituents happy.

5. Image is everything

Aside from keeping your properties working well, you are also there to keep them looking good. Facilities need to look good, as working and living in clean spaces improves happiness and productivity. In a corporate setting, employees are expected to look at their best, and this is no different for facilities. Pay attention to the details and encourage your team to do the same.

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