Spring has sprung, and like every other season, it brings unique challenges to facility management. While plants are blooming and temperatures are rising, so is the pollen count and amount of rainfall, and these can wreak havoc on the sites you manage. So, we thought it prudent to round up a few tips for managing Spring effectively in your facility.

1. Check your HVAC Systems: Spring is notoriously bad for sinuses, with pollen counts growing as the season progresses. Make sure to change your air filters so that they’re at their best. Check to make sure your thermostats are working, and if they are set for winter conditions, be sure to adjust them for the rising temperatures.

2. Clean the floors: While we’re on the subject of air quality, get your carpets and flooring professionally cleaned. Winter weather means salt is everywhere, which deteriorates grout sealant and also makes carpet look terrible, especially in high-traffic areas like kitchens and entryways. Carpets can trap dust and pollen brought in from outside, and those particles can significantly impact the quality of air in your facility. As Spring is allergy season, our bodies are more susceptible to illness and airborne bacteria. Cleaning your floors will not only improve the air quality, but it will make your facility look better as well!

3. Deal with the dust: Dust is an inevitable part of life, and it’s always accumulating. In the winter, however, it accumulates more indoors than during other seasons because of a lack of ventilation, for the sake of insulation. In the spirit of spring cleaning, give the surfaces in your facility a good dusting. Like cleaning the floors, dusting will improve the air quality as well as make your facility look great.

4. Check your screens: as the temperatures steadily rise, the people in your space will be more inclined to open their windows and let the fresh air in, but if there are issues with window screens, they could be letting in much more than fresh air. Keep bugs and other unwanted guests out of your site by ensuring that the screens in your office are sealed and without holes.

5. Plants: Get your office some plants! Having plants in the workplace has been shown to improve mood, productivity, and air quality!¬†While some flowering plants require regular care and attention, there are lots of plants that are low-maintenance, such as Spider Plants, Lemon Balm, Aloe plants (which can also provide natural skin moisturizer!), and philodendrons. These plants are all easy on the eyes and won’t require daily watering or pruning.

Spring is in already full swing, so don’t wait to optimize your facility for the new season, and envVisual can help you manage that process! Drop us a line below to learn how we can make it easy to maintain your facility!

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