In facility management, workorders are the documents that get things done. When an issue arises, the process of communicating that issue through a workorder can feel like telephone tag, where stakeholders are chasing each other, trying to fit their square pegs in the round holes of each others’ systems. Discrepancies in the language used to describe, locate, and resolve an issue causes hold-ups in the process, delaying the eventual resolution at every step. When the stakeholders all speak the same language around issue resolution, everybody can play their parts without doubling back for confirmation or clarification, and things gets done more efficiently and effectively the first time.

envVisual was built to align the various languages spoken within parties managing a facility. Like a Rosetta Stone for FMs, envVisual clarifies exactly what and where an issue is, what is needed to resolve it, and when it needs to be completed. With our robust workorder creation portal, FMs can create workorders in a snap that map out the issue and dispatch it directly to the people who will fix it with minimal effort. Instead of convoluted descriptions, envVisual work orders include a map of where the issue is in a space, a clear description of what the issue is (for example, a coffee stain on a carpet or a broken lock on a door), pictures of the issue which show the extent of the issue (“Wow, that stain is huge!” or “We’re going to need to replace the entire door knob”), a comment field where additional information can be provided, and a deadline for when the work needs to be completed.

Stop struggling with details that get lost in translation in your facility. Learn how envVisual can help everybody who maintains your facility speak the same language, and watch how much easier and quickly get things done.

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