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Growth. It’s a central tenet for almost any business. Growth represents success, and while executives might consistently seek out growth, the rest of the organization will often undergo tremendous change as a result of growth efforts. In the facility space, adapting to growth can be difficult, as each adjustment or addition to an FM’s responsibilities brings forth unexpected responsibilities and challenges. In some cases, adding a new space or expanding on an old one can be like adding an entire second job to an FM’s plate. Each new space has its own needs and quirks, and constituents which need to be managed. When news of expansion or downsizing comes down the management chain, are you ready for change?

One of envVisual’s key strengths is how easy it is to scale up or down, responding to the changing needs of your organization. If you’re growing, adjusting to the change is simple: just add the new floor plans into envVisual, create accounts for the users who will be using the system, and then add the contractors or team members who perform maintenance into the resources database. Plus, if you already have this information in spreadsheets, we can directly import it for you, simplifying the process even further! With envVisual, it’s easy to bring mobile business intelligence to your new space!

In the event your company has to downsize, (and we hope that never happens) you don’t have to delete or simply ignore data in envVisual. You can actually “deactivate” it, meaning it’ll stay there until the team has grown back to its original size, but it won’t get in the way of the other ongoing tasks in the still-active facilities.

envVisual helps you and your FM team stay ready for organizational change when it comes along. Learn how to stay prepared for change by contacting us below!

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