Here at envVisual, we discuss our processes and technology all the time, often searching for the best combination of technology, automation, human input, and budget fit for our day-to-day operations. From tracking client on-boarding progress to scheduling marketing to handling phone calls, we rely on small and large technology systems to help us manage these tasks and run at a high level of efficiency. This week, we want to confront a common attitude we encounter often within the traditional FM space, one that sees optimizations of processes as a threat to a sense of comfort in routine and ‘analog’ process management. “Technophobia” is common in this space, but it’s time we all caught up to the digital age and maximized the efficiency of our operations. As such, let’s visit some of the processes that most businesses rely on but may have forgotten about.

As one of the elder statesmen of office technology in the 21st century, the telephone is a staple of any business. Second only to face-to-face, it’s the de facto mode of communication that we all rely on, and at its core, is a relatively simple system. Long forgotten are the times when calls had to be physically rerouted by operators, but the office telephone has evolved immensely since those days. Today, many of us use internet-based phone systems (called VoIP or Voice over IP) which allows a bevy of features to be built in. What we forget, however, is our reliance on automatic systems that route our calls, store our voice mails, and tell us who is calling us instantaneously. Without these systems, every office would need an operator who fields every single call and routes it effectively, saving everyone in the office time.


Payroll is automated in most offices. Why not Facility Management as well?

Payroll automation is an essential element of any business with salaried employees. Granted, there is some human input, as somebody has to sign the checks, but if you think about how you get paid, there’s often no manual calculation of hours. Even the totals are printed on the checks, or even better, there are no checks and salary is deposited directly into employees’ accounts. Especially in large organizations, manual payroll operations would take an entire department to manage. Nowadays, there is software which manages it seamlessly.

Facility management is as essential as telephones and payroll, but historically, it hasn’t gotten the attention to automation that other processes have. Why not? Well, telephone and payroll are predictable events that follow a clear protocol to handle. Until recently, facility management wasn’t predictable; in fact, it was seemingly unpredictable. It was an art of urgent problem-solving and frantic trouble-shooting. Luckily, envVisual is here to help you automate your FM processes according to your existing methodology. The reality is that there is a limited number of possible issues that could arise, and envVisual can automate responses to them with ease and speed. Plus, as you use a product like envVisual, you’re gathering data on what’s happening in your facility, which informs future efforts and delivers business intelligence in a mobile format.

Never forget how essential automated services are, nor how helpful they can be. They help us do our jobs more easily, more effectively, and more intelligently. It’s time for you to treat facility management the same way you treat payroll, telephones, and myriad other services that keep your office running smoothly.

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