The Aberdeen Group recently released research conducted by Aly Pinder around best practices for optimizing field service for improved customer experiences. In facility and property management, field service representatives are the primary point of interaction with the customer, and as a result, are the source of the customer’s satisfaction or lack thereof. Acting as the face of the organization, it’s vital that field service initiatives are optimized for the customer’s experience, as a positive experience can ensure that the customer continues to retain your organization for on-site services, while a negative experience can drive customers directly to your competition. envVisual facilitates a positive customer experience by empowering field technicians with mobile business intelligence, helping them know exactly what and where the problem is and how to fix it before they arrive on site.

Top-tier field service means getting the right technician to the customer at the right time. In addition to scheduling, customers’ satisfaction is largely determined by an organization’s capacity to resolve their issues. Pinder’s research shows that best-in-class firms prioritize increasing customer satisfaction more than improving internal efficiency measures, such as cutting response time or reducing field tech’s travel time. Luckily, envVisual helps streamline internal efficiency so that your team can focus on delivering outstanding customer service.

Customers expect the service organization to not only send a technician in a timely manner, but also to get resolution to their issues the first time a field tech is sent. Best-in-class firms are going above and beyond convenient scheduling simple issue resolution by providing mobile business intelligence. The ability to resolve issues the first time is clearly important, but the best organizations are doing more than just ‘fixing the problem.’ Research shows that top-performing field service organizations are also taking additional time during field visits to perform preventative or predictive services proactively, helping to reduce the need for future technician visits and satisfying customers with lower maintenance costs and fewer reasons to need additional service visits.

In the end, top-performing organizations are achieving considerable improvement in customer retention and satisfaction, and revenue generated by providing the field services teams with the mobile business intelligence they need such as tools like envVisual. This allows getting issues resolved the first time, and facilitating proactive preventative maintenance solutions.

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