In a newly-published article, Reid Paquin’s research for the Aberdeen Group is making a strong case for data gathering in facility management. This time, we’re talking about using data to improve preventative efforts to protect asset reliability. It’s important to remember that your facility is an asset, and malfunctions in a facility can quickly impact bottom-line revenue. Maintaining full functionality of your facility is vitally important to executives as well as FMs. With the data-gathering capabilities of envVisual, an organization can transition from a break-fix maintenance philosophy to a predictive methodology, prolonging the life of one of their most important assets: their facility. The Aberdeen piece highlights key recommendations for data-enabled preventative maintenance based on Best-in-class companies’ responses:

  • Provide centralized, real-time data to stakeholders: Through issue reporting and tracking of maintenance needs within a facility, managers can begin to anticipate and avoid unplanned downtime and schedule maintenance before something breaks down.
  • Utilize predictive analytics: As the amount of data collected in your facility increases, identify patterns and draw conclusions. If you find that you are bringing in flooring cleaners only once per year, when the carpets are at their worst, creating a maintenance program with your service provider will prolong their usability and save you money. With envVisual, you can create historical reports about particular issues or service providers’ visits, enabling you to manage the asset they service more effectively.
  • Provide integration between business systems: by integrating with other business systems – such as scheduling managers, inventory systems, and billing systems, your facility management efforts will provide business intelligence to stakeholders and align their priorities with yours. The envVisual team can provide deep integration with a wide variety of systems to generate shared data that will improve coordination between teams.

Following these recommendations will drastically improve the lifetime value of your assets and reduce bottom-line expenditures when things go wrong without warning. This sort of business intelligence can be achieved by implementing envVisual in your facility maintenance efforts. What’s more, envVisual is built to be simple, mobile, flexible, and dispatched to your entire team.

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