In part 1 of this series, we covered some of the basic questions you should address when considering a business intelligence (BI) solution. Today, we’re rounding off the list so that you’re equipped to evaluate the quality of a BI solution without having to invest in it first. Without further ado, let’s dive in:

How easily can you create and access reporting and analytics from your business? The purpose of gathering business intelligence is to draw conclusions and make adjustments that help your organization operate more effectively. If a BI solution collects data but doesn’t provide a platform for distilling and understanding the that data, then the information is useless. envVisual’s reporting system is straightforward and dexterous, especially with our Quick Reports function, which allows you to save report templates and automatically generate recurring reports Moreover, it’s crucial that the reporting functionality is accessible and comprehensible to every type of user, not just the data-savvy users.

Does it scale? BI solutions derive their meaning and value from the data they analyze, and the more data inputs, the greater potential to glean significant insights. If there are limitations on the scope of the solution, or its potential reach within your organization, then such limits could make the investment wasted. While envVisual is largely an issue resolution system, it does scale very easily and will not impact the operation of the app when you add new users or floor plans.

Finally, is the solution provider committed to delivering continual BI success? Will they sell you the solution and then you never hear from them again? Is their support lackluster, or absent altogether? You need a provider with support structures in place, who can help you maximize the system’s value on an ongoing basis. Will they continue to develop and update the system as new technology becomes available and your needs as a business evolve? They had better be, as the rate of change in technology is ever-increasing, and if you’re not keeping up, you’re falling behind.

When evaluating BI solutions, it’s vital that you evaluate all the options carefully, as BI solutions are typically costly and deeply integrated with your organization’s processes, and once you’re entrenched with a solution, back-tracking and finding a better one only adds more stress and costs than were meant to be saved in the first place.

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