Facility managers who ignore elevator maintenance will ultimately increase downtime of their facility, increase their repair costs, decrease the service life of their elevators and more complaints will surface about their buildings. But the most important thing of all is that personal safety will be at stake if something goes terribly wrong. The best solution for maintenance neglect is our software: envVisual … with reoccurring maintenance, the problem will be fixed before they become a real problem!


Strange noises

Most elevators make strange noises before they start to break down. These strange noises can be recorded with envVisual and reported to the facility manager which can do further investigation into the noises before they become a major problem.


Slow Operation

Another sign of a degrading elevator is the elevator performance. Not only does this increase downtime of the users of the facility, it also increases power usage and at some point my cause the elevator to stop functioning. Users of envVisual can report this before the elevator causes a  detrimental delay.



Users can self report problems such as vandalism in the elevators through envVisual before the messages ruin the reputation of the facility. In a facility for lawyers or doctors, image is very important and cannot be jeopardized by vandalism. EnvVisual keeps this on point by allowing the users to self-report with photos so the exact vandalized section is photographed and can be immediately repaired.


Recording each time the elevator has broken down in envVisual through the reports, the facility manager can see how much it costs him to repair each time and if deemed necessary, it may be time to modernize the system. The reports generated can be used as evidence to management that it is time to upgrade the system since repair bills for each time the elevator breaks down is beginning to add up.


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