You’ve been there- brand new sparkly software that’s going to make everyone’s life so much easier! Then comes the implementation, ……. ouch! No one gets it and everybody is slogging through user manuals to accomplish what used to be so simple. User traction is like bald tires on ice & you end up using 5% of the software’s capability if you’re lucky.

envVisual is simplicity personified. Easy to use with an engaging interface, yet powerful enough to do what most businesses need it to do. Touch screen control on iPad and Android mobile devices allows even the slowest learning user to absorb envVisual quickly, minimizing your startup cost in both time and money. Seamless control between almost any platform- Desktop, Laptop, mobile device or browser; you are using a top of the line, cutting-edge software application.

Quoting David Berger (registered Certified Management Consultant in Ontario Canada) –

“One of the most promising technology breakthroughs of the past decade is the mobile solution. The most advanced CMMS vendors have recognized the huge potential in configuring CMMS using this technology. Smartphones, tablets, pads, laptops and other more personal devices have changed the way we do business. Look for CMMS vendors who have recognized the potential for huge productivity gains, if these devices are configured to the specific needs of maintainers, not simply extending the desktop to the shop floor or field. For example, data entry should be simple, equipment history readily available, and drawings, maps, photos, and videos easily accessible. Mobile solutions should also incorporate GPS, barcode, RFID, camera, video, digital signature, and many other device-specific functions.” (

Using the envVisual touch screen mobile input interface, managers can view work being done at a high level and efficiently manage their property better without the hassle of jumping through multiple screens. Software should not slow down employees or the managers, but enhance the company as a whole and envVisual is at the leading edge of this with its platform. Give envVisual a try today by filling out the form below.

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