Are you looking for a unique software that can help you organize the tasks, workers, schedules and results of your company? Then, envVisual, a cloud-based management software, is the answer you were waiting for. With this innovative tool, you can easily communicate with your employees and manage their tasks or needs from one single location, by using a simple device with a screen that you can touch.

According to Brett Van Beever, founder of envVisual, this tool was created because the existing facility management software was “too complicated”. So, the developers at envVisual created a solution that provides “facility management for the digital age”.

To organize your business or company branch, you just need to log in, assign tasks, track jobs and manage situations as they arise, “saving time for everyone involved”. Bosses and managers just need a tablet and they can manage businesses “across the region, the country or the world from one location”. Using the Facility Manager service, for instance, users can supervise current works and employers’ activity.

This really intuitive service, which unfolds in the cloud, is compatible with iPad, Android and Windows PC devices. Once the job is finished, envVisual provides a complete report. Easy, simple and without headaches. “Being able to see everything on screen (of your iPad, for instance) and touch to manage a facility is simply amazing and brings facility management to a very manageable and easy to learn and simple platform”, says Nathan Wan, from Compsdoc LLC.

Started from Boston MA, envVisual was developed from the ground up with innovating and making facility management easier in mind. You can find the service at, Google+ or contact directly at