For outside contracted service providers (we call them SPs), the quality of their service and their customers’ satisfaction comes down to a few factors, including cost, innovation, punctuality, quality of their work, and reliability. As an SP, it is crucial to differentiate your team from the competition, and there are a few ways to do that. SPs can stand out with a specialized approach, staff training and expertise, insurance, testimonials, or even a commitment to particular values, or environmental focus.

Differentiators can be the small investment that keeps clients committed to working with you. They take many forms, but we’re focusing on the digital side of facilities management, because that’s where innovation lives in today’s internet age. In this context, a digital solution makes communication easier, aligns needs and services along the same platform, brings data back to all stakeholders, and improves and streamlines their processes. envVisual meets all of these demands.

envVisual is the ultimate differentiator for SPs. When added onto already-great service, envVisual’s mobile and web platform facilitates communication of your facility’s needs through a straight-forward format that everybody can understand. envVisual’s killer features are its use of visual aids such as floor plans, photos, icons, which gives SP teams immediate understanding of the whats, wheres, and hows of every issue. Plus, it streamlines documentation of incoming work orders, keeping all ongoing items laid out clearly on your dashboard with pertinent information. envVisual will benefit SPs just as much as it will benefit their customers.

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