All too often, we encounter software that is well-designed and easy to implement across an organization, but cost-per-user pricing makes it expensive, creates barriers to implementation, and forces decision-makers to restrict the number of users who can access the software. Enterprise-level software depends on the organization to deploy to every key person, and charges a premium to do so.

For example, CRM (customer relationship management) software usually charges by user and by the amount of data used. The model is similar to a typical family cell phone plan: you get charged per user and are confined within a limited amount of data storage or transfer. Once you hit your data limit, you are charged an outrageous premium for additional units of data, sometimes without even knowing that it is happening until the bill comes.

Unlike standard software and cell phone plans, envVisual’s pricing is not based around the number of users on the system, but instead on how many floor plans you want to maintain. You can also manage how the various people using the software can use it, by creating user permissions that give low-level employees access to only the information and functionality that they need and high-level administrators the ability to track, monitor, and run reports on all activity. It’s not a one-size-fits-all model, and that flexibility empowers you to manage your facility with ease. This means you can push the software to your entire team at no extra cost, and use it as much as you’d like. Everybody, from executives to service providers to receptionists can access the software and contribute to the value that it brings the organization. Similarly, we believe in complete transparency about our pricing, and will never surprise you with hidden fees or upsells.

Let the data bring your team the knowledge you need to do the job, from the receptionist to the field tech with envVisual.

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