envVisual was created to meet the mobile business intelligence needs of the front line facilities world and their supporting service providers. The program is designed to be an inexpensive, but powerful issue resolution management tool.

Although there are other CMMS’s (computerized maintenance management systems) on the market, many facility managers often find these other systems cumbersome, complicated, and costly to implement and run. envVisual has changed this by designing a software application to meet the needs of the mobile facility manager.

EnvVisual has become adopted by many organizations whose needs are to simply identify, report, and resolve issues in the workplace.

We were driven by the belief that in order to have an efficient maintenance management system, you needed to visually see the issue on the floor plan, track resolution progress, generate reports, and share this information with all the stakeholders, all while being extremely simple to use.

Furthermore, a CMMS should not require in-house IT infrastructure to support, nor endless training to implement. It should be simple, clear, and effective, like envVisual.

Pursuing these goals has been the catalyst to our success.

EnvVisual is flexible affordable to any organization while still tailored to your specific needs. The information is scalable to your specific facility, buildings, or institution.

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