Mobile Everything
In today’s digital world, we can access virtually any information from anywhere. On mobile devices, we read and respond to emails, check social networks, keep calendars and schedules, and interact with the world around us, all from a small rectangle in our pockets. Those who have managed to avoid getting a smartphone must now do so intentionally – mobile accessibility has become the default.

So why are so many facility management systems stuck in the dumb-phone era? Why do FM’s struggle daily with home-baked spreadsheets, manual communication protocols, and sticky note reminders? Why don’t they use a mobile system for managing ongoing work and maintenance issues? Why wouldn’t FMs employ mobile technology that gives them access to pertinent information on-site and in the field?

There are a few possible answers. Some FMs see CMMS platforms as too expensive to fit into their budget because they’re packed with features they won’t actually use, so they opt to live with the system they’ve got. Some CMMS platforms aren’t built for mobile, so they might help with organization, but the processes remain just as archaic and layered as they’ve always been, and cannot be deployed on the ground. Some FMs are technophobic, and generally averse to change, especially when it means they have to adopt new technologies that change the way information is handled.

Luckily, envVisual is built for ease of implementation and use, particularly for those who aren’t already living the rest of their lives on mobile devices. We’re a simple issue resolution tool, and we didn’t cram it full of features that FMs don’t need, which helps keep the FM budget down while increasing efficiency across the board. envVisual is made for mobile – compatible with iOS and Android systems – we deliver needed information to and from the field so that every stakeholder is on the same page and knows exactly what is happening and where it’s happening. Finally, envVisual is straightforward and no-nonsense. We understand that a lot of our customers don’t use tablets in their personal lives, but after seeing what envVisual can do to make their jobs easier and more efficient, even the most technophobic see value in it.

If you’re struggling every day with old tech and ineffective, bureaucratic processes in keeping your facilities in good health, let us know and we’ll show you how our easy and affordable system can help you!

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