Coming out of the economic recession, the playing field has changed in the property management realm. Because through the recession, property management companies were forced to change and learn to innovate to cut costs and increase productivity. These changes came from leveraging technology. With technology they gained these advantages over their competition by using EnvVisual Facility Management Software

  • Instead of not know the results, they started using technology to report key performance, through mobile devices in real time
  • Increased communication between individuals in the work force through on screen visualizations instead of snail mail and faxes
  • Scalable and flexible servicing through the use of software to guide processes and standard procedures
  • Direct work assignments and notifications with full searchable history to track performance
  • Increased overall awareness of all properties through monitoring in real time visualizations in the Facility Management Software suite
  • Secure logins for trackability of work and responsibility of tasks
  • Issue resolution without the need for multiple forms, phone calls and emails
  • Problem resolution life cycle through a standard developed and proven methodology

And the list goes on, with so many advantages, why stick with inadequate technology? Get ahead of the competition today and give us a call! Envvisual Facility Management Software is proven to give you a return on investment.



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