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What is envVisual?

envVisual is the first ever, cloud-based facility management system and mobile app that lets you visually see any issue, in any space you have, anytime, from anywhere in the world. envVisual puts facility managers in control of their maintenance needs. By quickly defining their needs online or out “on the floor” with their tablet, the facility manager instantly communicates what needs to be done, when and where. The service provider schedules and completes the work and everyone has instant access to real time results. Compatible with iPad, Android or PC Tablet. It all happens in the cloud — that easy, that quick. Provides complete tracking capabilities and summary reports with a few keystrokes. Take the hassle and headache out of your maintenance service needs with envVisual.

Among all the facility management systems out there, envVisual is something that is a class-apart. It is the first ever, cloud-based facility management software solution in addition to being a cutting edge mobile app that empowers you to keep an eye on your facility and locate the problems anytime and from anywhere in the world using your Smartphone or tablet.

envVisual enables facility managers to create inspections forms and work order with the help of their tablet or smartphone. It also bridges the gap between the maintenance teams and streamlines the entire tasks related to facility maintenance. With envVisual, everyone in the team can see the problems visually. The app is scalable to all kinds of facilities and properties and you can configure the app according to your specific needs and use it either on a single location or across multiple facilities around the planet.


About Us
The Northeast’s premier commercial real estate service provider, ECO Logic, Ltd., collaborated with the innovative software design of Hawaii’s Active3DB,LLC to create envVisual, Inc. With more than 60 years of combined service and technical expertise, and five years of software field-testing in environments ranging from apartment buildings to world-renowned resorts, envVisual can meet the needs of large or small facilities and service providers.

The Old Way:

  • Multiple steps scattered over multiple systems
  • Time wasted in organizing and assigning
  • Lots of back and forth between manager and technician
  • Work orders can get lost in the shuffle
  • No way to measure performance

The envVisual Way:

  • One centralized place to report and track problems
  • Instant communication and delegation
  • Streamlined communication and notifications
  • Everything is stored in the cloud and send to individual devices
  • Automatically generated metrics and reports

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