Let’s face it: technology is deeply ingrained in many aspects of our personal and professional lives. For some, rapidly advancing technology is seen as a blessing, and using emerging technology comes naturally. For others, adopting new technology is a burden, and many see it complicating their lives and creating more things to do.

Luckily, envVisual is built for both kinds of people. On one hand, it is powerful software customized for every client, with the versatility required to handle your individual facility needs. It facilitates communication, efficiency, and mobile business intelligence, making management of a space easy and fast. On the other hand, simplicity is a key feature of envVisual. It was built to be accessible and straightforward for anybody, regardless of their level of technical savvy or comfort with mobile devices.

Putting the software to work in the field is simple. You provide us with floor plans and service providers and we put it all together. That way, your field techs, inspectors, or managers can simply look at a floor plan, select where and what the issue is, and envVisual sends that information out to all stakeholders who are involved, including facility and property managers, as well as your people on the ground charged with resolving the issue.

We know adjusting to new systems can be hard for people who have successfully operated without technology like this for years, which is why our setup process takes out all of the guess work. Our total customization leaves those in the field with the ability to input information with the tap of a finger, allowing it to be delegated and tracked up and down the chain.

Learn how envVisual can simplify your issue resolution and facility management processes by requesting a demo below!

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