Frequently Asked Questions

 What is envVisual ?

envVisual is the first ever, cloud based issue management application that lets you visually see any issue, in any space you have, anytime, from anywhere in the world. envVisual is a data rich application designed to increase productivity while helping you save time and resources. This software is completely customizable to fit your exact process flow for issue resolution management and can be put to work for your facilities almost immediately.VIDEO

What devices does envVisual work on ?

envVisual works on the iPad mini, iPad (2nd gen + ) as well as most Android tablet devices and smart phones. VIDEO

Why choose envVisual over other software companies?

Many software companies hand you a box of car parts and instructions on how to put it together. With envVisual, we give you the keys to the car and you drive away immediately. envVisual also allows you to add as many users as you like, without increasing your costs.VIDEO

What is the ROI (Return on Investment) of envVisual?

That depends how much you value productivity & time. Being able to touch a floor plan and instantly communicate needs and wants to people who manage and resolve issues is a game changer that dramatically increases efficiency in solving problems. We don’t charge per ”seat” to encourage collaboration between managers, service resources, and staff. One client gave all employees access; they self-report many of the issues previously identified during facility walkthroughs. Being able to easily manage a facility in Boston from your conference in Hong Kong with your tablet or phone brings instant facility connectivity to what used to take much more effort. The return begins immediately and grows with each new user you add.VIDEO

Do I need to purchase a license or "seat" for every user?

No. envVisual allows you to add as many users as you’d like at no extra cost. We encourage you to add as many users as possible so as to optimize your ROI with envVisual.VIDEO

Is envVisual secure?

Yes, your data is maintained with strong encryption and key management for data transmission. We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL), technology and envVisual is audited every year to maintain SSAE16 Type II 2 compliant certification with our hosting partner. Every Managed server is protected by a 5-Tier security platform that protects your data and our service to you.
Local level security is customizable by you with your administrative users set up and configuration. This permission level security allows you complete control on what a user can: do, see and perform within the system.

 What is a "Plan View"?

A Plan View is an architectural rendering of any given space and a term we use to determine your monthly billing, based on the amount of Plan Views you have in envVisual.VIDEO

Who can benefit from envVisual?

All companies can benefit from envVisual. We’ve geared this particular model towards facility management but property managers, service providers are also benefiting from envVisualVIDEO

How do I get started?

Getting started with envVisual is as easy as, 1, 2, 3. We learn your process flow for issue resolution management, build the system for you and then train someone in your organization to act as the administrator, setting up users, permissions and service resources.VIDEO