Managing a facility with outdated technology can increase the likelihood of delays, mistakes, and service failures. Communication among contractors and service providers, ensuring issues are resolved quickly, coordinating work orders, and getting information out to the right people all have a direct correlation to worker productivity.

envVisual is designed to alleviate the burden of managing service providers, a plethora of inspections, and scheduling concerns across the scope of a well-managed facility. It is a tool that gives you the ability to identify, report, and resolve issues in the field quickly and efficiently greatly increasing your staff productivity.

Beyond helping manage the needs of all the parties involved in keeping your facility running smoothly, envVisual is a tool that collects data and transforms it to information and knowledge to help you understand your facility better. As issues are reported, dispatched, and resolved, envVisual tracks all user activity over time to deliver facility and property managers information about the health of their facility. This data can include common issue frequency and service-provider response efficiency and can be extremely valuable in evaluating the use of resources against bottom-line revenue and your organization’s maintenance budget allocations.

What does this mean in practice? It means that your facility manager can begin predicting the needs of your facility before they emerge. It means identifying service providers that are consistently slow to respond or ineffective in resolving issues. Overall, it means your team is better prepared to handle the service needs of your facility before they impact the productivity of the organization as a whole.

Liberate your data from your desktop and push it to the frontline where fully informed decisions can be made real time. envVisual delivers mobile business intelligence that helps your organization maintain your facilities more effectively and reduce the cost of the processes required to do so.

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