In the world of facility management, there is a bevy of tools available that offer a varying array of features, each appealing to a different kind of organization and FM. The most well-known CMMS are also the largest and most expensive platforms on the market, but they’re certainly not the best option for most organizations.

Our primary criticism of the big CMMS solutions is that they are loaded up with features that will likely never ever get utilized by the FM or PM implementing and using the software. Why, then, would you invest thousands of dollars in software that you won’t use in its entirety? Or worse, why buy expensive software that is difficult to set up and unclear to use because it does so many things?

This is part of the rationale behind our approach to build a simple issue resolution management system that is a powerful cmms. We built envVisual to help FM’s coordinate maintenance and issue resolution easily, quickly, and with the ability to enlist their entire constituency in their efforts to keep their facility healthy (check out our facility health index!) and running smoothly. We could have built in a hundred other features that would have inflated the cost of the program and watered it down, but our vision is to provide a CMMS that is simple, straight-forward, and does what it promises to do really well. And what we promise to do is communicate maintenance and facility needs to service providers and stakeholders and help you gather data on your facility from your office or in the field.

Check out envVisual’s inexpensive approach to issue resolution by getting a live demo from a member of our team!

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