It goes without saying that the businesses of all shapes and sizes should invest considerable amount of money and efforts to make sure that their facilities are properly organized, well maintained and are capable enough to face the upcoming challenges. Although the major goal of the facility management is to ensure that the physical properties of a business are operating at their full potential, it also needs to be versatile so that it can be adjusted to deal with new challenges and demands of an ever-evolving world. Having that said, it comes as a no surprise that facility managers are some of the busiest professionals and they ought to stay smart and harness the power of the latest technology solutions to bring simplification and automation to their daily operations along with minimizing the operations costs.

There are quite a few highly advanced facility management solutions that play an extremely important role in enhancing productivity, efficiency and preservation of buildings along with the prized assets that keep the business running and occupants comfortable. Indeed, the modern facility management software solutions have completely revolutionized how the way managers manage the facility, making the tasks a lot easier and hassle-free for them.

Among all the facility management systems out there, envVisual is something that is a class-apart. It is the first ever, cloud-based facility management software solution in addition to being a cutting edge mobile app that empowers you to keep an eye on your facility and locate the problems anytime and from anywhere in the world using your Smartphone or tablet. The mobile CMMS is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. A well thought out and executed maintenance plan is very important for any business.

Neither two facilities nor their requirements are exactly the same. Every facility manager requires tailored solutions that can meet and exceed their expectations. EnvVisual is the next generation facility management software solution that has been designed to technical excellence with the roles and responsibilities of a professional in mind. It is the highest rated facility maintenance management software that provides total authority to the facility managers and allows them to deal with their facility maintenance needs.

EnvVisual enables facility managers to create inspections and work order with the help of their tablet. It also bridges the gap between the maintenance teams streamline the entire tasks related to facility maintenance. With envVisual, everyone in the team can see the problems visually. The app is scalable to all kinds of facilities and properties and you can configure the app according to your specific needs and use it either on a single location or across multiple facilities around the planet. Not only does the app allows you create, but also help you implement your facility inspection checklist to enhance productivity while saving your time, energy and resources.

If you are someone who is looking for the best-in-class facility management system, then envVisual is the appropriate source for you. Go to to learn more about the software and its advantages.