Technology is essential to every business and facility management is not the exception. Facility managers have to be aware of the latest technology and understand its benefits and limitations otherwise they will miss out on new ways to decrease costs, improve tenant comfort and staff productivity. Whether you know it or not—, as part of any management team, technology is already on your daily to-do list.

Facility managers must create a plan and process for updating supervisors, engineers, and technicians on the latest technology. As well as  having a concrete budget, and making sure to use it every year. One interesting strategy to stay current when it comes to technology is picking one topic to cover each month. Assign the topic to a staff member and have that person present the topic to the rest of the department. These presentations can work really well with great results for companies and employees. Facility managers need to learn how to assess the benefits and drawbacks of a new technology (analysis of life-cycle costs, energy costs, manpower, etc.).

Of course, managers are busy with the daily workflow, but the question is not how can they find time to develop a strategy to keep up with technology? The real question is, how can they afford not to?

A starting point  boils down to five simple steps:

  1. Define your needs
  2. Assess the technology resources available to you (new apps, facility management software, inspection checklist apps, etc)
  3. Review and rank the resources in order of usefulness to you.
  4. Make or allow the time to test and use the resources.

5. Share the results with team and discuss steps for implementation