By having facility management systems that bring simplification and automation to their daily operations. Yes, there are a number of systems available to help manage facilities, and each has varying strengths and weaknesses in functionality. You need to make sure to choose a system that’s been proven in production, at scale, in similar companies.

There are many great facility management CMMS packages out there and for their share, they all can store your relevant data. The key to picking the RIGHT CMMS is getting your technicians/admins to buy in to the proposed data entry workflow. Lots of CMMS databases are cumbersome and not intuitive for the technicians and admins, and if that’s the case, they will struggle to enter proper and complete data.

Make it easy for them to enter their time, materials, projects, assets, etc., and your reporting/KPI tracking will go much smoother. Spend a few extra dollars up front on your software and let it show you years of good return. Switching software later is much more expensive than paying more upfront for the right system.