A key component of envVisual is its capacity to reduce the amount of time it takes to communicate with all the parties who play a role in keeping a facility running and ultimately, the amount of time it takes to resolve issues. We’ve been over how layered FM processes can be, and how those layers create convolutions and inefficiencies in trying to get FM issues resolved. The purpose of this post is to challenge you, the FM, to consider how long it takes your team to get an issue resolved, from the moment it is reported and a ticket is created, to the moment when an inspection confirms that the work has been done. So with that being said, how long does issue resolution take your team?

how long issue resolution envvisual

Have you thought about how long it takes to resolve an issue?

This is largely an anecdotal exercise, but seriously considering how long it takes to communicate issues, especially to those outside your immediate team (contractors, specialists, etc.) can be extremely revealing. How much time are you wasting on a daily basis describing the nature, location, and extent of problems in the facilities you manage? What about putting together work orders and quotes? What else could you be doing with that time?

Now imagine that you had a software platform where your constituents could report issues to you, take pictures of the issues, locate them on a map of the facility, auto-generate a work order, auto-dispatch that work order to a contractor, and allow the contractor to complete and clear out the issue. Imagine that the time-consuming bureaucratic processes that eat up your day could be streamlined, delivering business intelligence wherever you and your team are, through one central system.

That’s envVisual, in a nutshell. It delivers business intelligence in a native mobile and web-based platform to you, your team, your contractors, and your clients. Drop us a line below to learn how you can shave minutes and even hours off of your daily issue resolution processes!

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