According to a new study, the global facility management, currently worth USD 27.25 Billion, is expected to grow  to USD 49.44 Billion by 2020. Much of this growth can be attributed to an evolution of “smart” buildings and the adoption of facility management software, and FM apps for smartphones and tablets . These tech advancements are the primary factors driving the growth of this market.

Being a facility fanager is being a problem-solver and new mobile solutions allow facility managers to optimize resources and assets,  reduce operational costs and ultimately enhance profitability. As operational costs decrease,  profitability of the organization will increase. That is why these solutions and systems are gaining very high traction across several markets.

Niche players such  as envVisual provide facility management software solutions and many others have emerged and are expected to evolve in the coming time. Software like envVisual will help track ongoing/scheduled maintenance, facilitate communication between everybody involved, and collect data for mobile business intelligence. Learn more about how envVisual can help you become a rockstar FM by dropping us a line below!