During the 80’s we heard for the first time about remote monitoring of our buildings and facilities using computers and only two decades later computers, smartphones and tablets are running the show.

With over half-billion smartphone sold globally only this year, and the “apps” market with almost unlimited tools for facility and building management, a new industry has been born dedicated to create new software applications providing specific business and productivity benefits for FMs with apps from energy management systems to apps for property maintenance, facility inspection, cloud based checklist, and much more.


What are the the main advantages in going mobile when it comes to facility and property management?

  1. Reporting & tracking: including managing field teams like inspections or remote FM personnel, who can input information on their smartphones while working away from the office.
  2. Data collection: building owners can collect data like temperature readings, CO2 levels, and equipment operations and status using smartphones and mobile devices.
  3. Maintenance and inventory control.
  4. Computation and calculation: like sizing a duct or ordering a replacement fan while at a remote facility
  5. Changing setpoints or shutting down equipment remotely on the fly.
  6. GPS based tools
  7. Cloud storage of all checklist & documentations

When it comes to managing one or multiple facilities from a single app envVisual provides the best cloud based facility management experience for smartphones and tablets. With just a few taps on your mobile device, select an item, attach a picture, or comment, and a work order it’s on it’s way. Our world-class facility management CMMS provides reporting tools and tracking to maximize productivity and reduce costs.

envVisual app saves time, money, and transforms information into knowledge you can use. Facility management has never been easier.It is completely configurable to your company’s needs, scalable to any type of property or facility, and you can use it on a single location or across multiple facilities around the world.