Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers (one of the most notable Venture Capital firms in Silicon Valley) has released her presentation of the trends defining the internet. The 156-slide presentation covered a lot of ground, but her research and insights are widely regarded as gospel in the tech community, so we thought we would take a look at some of those insights and distill them for you. Needless to say, Kleiner Perkins’ internet trends 2014 point to mobile.

Tablets are selling like they’re going out of style. In fact, tablet sales are growing at a faster rate than PCs ever have. In the past year, tablet sales have grown a whopping 52%. As computing power grows and cloud services expand, consumers are seeing less need for having an actual computer as opposed to a tablet, which they can take and use anywhere, and which often costs less than its PC counterparts. What does this mean for the world of facility management? It means that mobile tech is growing and as an industry that is traditionally not confined to a desktop, the time to adopt tablets is now.


Tablet sales have grown 52% year over year, exceeding both Desktop & Notebook PC growth numbers

Internet usage is increasingly moving from the PC to the mobile device as well. Gone are the days of Altavista and AOL; today, it’s all about Apple and Android. Mobile now accounts for 25% of all global internet usage, up from 14% last year. This doesn’t mean that computers are doomed in the immediate future, but it does add credence to the idea that mobile is the next wave of the internet, and that it’s already here.


Global internet usage is increasingly moving to mobile devices

The final insight worth sharing is the trend of mobile tech changing the way we do everyday activities. The drastic shift in interface opens a massive realm of possibilities in a broad swath of industries, and FM is no different. These days, you can get a cab (with Uber or Lyft), find a date (with Tinder), and book a place to stay (with AirBnB), all through your mobile device and within a few taps. Facilities management is no different: with software like envVisual, you can perform inspections, report issues, get at-a-glance understanding of what’s happening in your facility, and much more, all at your fingertips – literally! Why are you still filling in a template in Word, scheduling repairs in Outlook, and recording contact information on sticky notes and excel spreadsheets? It’s time to adopt new technology, and envVisual is the best way to make use of it!

Mary Meeker’s entire presentation from Re/Code is available in PDF form here

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