envvisual ipad location

The envVisual solution: location-based intelligence

Nobody knows your space like your FM or PM, but that doesn’t mean that a mere description can indicate where an issue is located, costing the maintenance team valuable time identifying where they need to go. Location of issues is crucial to getting to the problem and getting it fixed quickly.

Part of what makes envVisual so powerful is the way it displays information to the user through visuals and pre-populated issue descriptions, so that FM’s and service providers can know exactly what and where the issue is. While most CMMS solutions use drop-down lists and building-specific identifiers (like room numbers, phone jacks, etc.) to communicate where issues are located, envVisual uses an interactive floor plan. That way, anybody who doesn’t have an intimate knowledge of the facility can go directly to the site of the issue and begin resolving it.

That’s the power of visual, location-based facility management. It’s saving you time, improving organizational efficiency, and empowering your team in the field. It’s mobile business intelligence. We use your actual floor plan to represent where issues and events occur. envVisual also gathers data about your facility so that over time, you become more and more informed about which parts of your facility require the most maintenance and how to optimize against recurring costly repairs.

Find out how location data can improve your maintenance processes by talking to a member of our team!

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