This is the final installment of our 3 part series on mobile business process management. Parts 1 and 2 can be found here:

The remarkable conclusion of Aberdeen’s research is the extent of the impact mobile business process management (mobile BPM) has on the companies who optimize for it. Mobile BPM strategies help employees to react more quickly when they have a process to complete and reduce downtime between completion of one process and beginning the next. Rather than field technicians having to call into the central office for instructions for the next project, all the information they need is right there ready to be acted upon. With envVisual, field techs have the locations, timeframes for completion, and details of issues everywhere they go. Rather than spending valuable time having techs call in and close out an issue (or worse yet, come back to the office for the same purpose), managers can dispatch their teams in real-time to their next projects, saving precious time and resources.

Mobile BPM also facilitates agility. In service industries, it’s not uncommon for processes to be deviated, for plans to change, and for schedules to need realignment. Being able to notify stakeholders, shift resources, and manage those unexpected events in the field can have an immense impact on the overall productivity of a team or organization. Putting those capabilities in the hands of the parties involved, regardless of where they are located when issues emerge, reduces the time required to notify and coordinate. Here again, envVisual shows its might, as everything is stored in the cloud, and adjustments to work orders and up-to-date information about issues are received quickly and with ease.

Finally, from a managerial perspective, mobile BPM grants greater insight and visibility into processes. This high-level perspective allows process managers the opportunity to evaluate and modify processes for maximized efficiency and simplicity. A facility manager might notice, perhaps, that there is a redundancy in the way a service provider reacts to work orders or a discrepancy of information in a common issue. Being able to identify inefficiencies of this nature gives managers the power to streamline their systems and get more done. envVisual’s reporting system does just that, allowing administrators to create custom reports that grant them high-level tracking of activities or granular-level analysis of particular techs or clients. Our dynamic reporting capabilities allow managers to identify trends, both good and bad, which has massive implications for continued optimization. All of the sudden, managers know what is working and what isn’t, and have the tools to instigate change within their organization so that it saves time, energy, and money.

envVisual is an exceptional mobile business process management tool for property managers, facility managers, and service providers. It grants efficiency, agility, and insight in a cohesive yet user-friendly package. Connect with us below and let us show you how envVisual can make your organization run more smoothly and effectively.

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