last post, we discussed the idea of mobile business process management and how attention to mobile BPM (Business Process Management) improves efficiency and productivity for businesses of all kinds. The Aberdeen Group released research around the strategies that best-in-class companies employ to make them excel at what they do. The first was “Remap and re-engineer business processes to be more efficient,” and envVisual does just this. Beyond remapping business processes to be more efficient, envVisual also promotes collaboration between disparate processes and units and improves visibility of processes into workflows (through our robust reporting system). Those happen to be numbers 2 and 3 in the list of top-performing mobile BPM strategies.

While our system hits homeruns on these major points, the grand slam comes with the mobility of our system. It’s available on both desktops and tablets and while the functionality is largely the same, there is immense value in making the information that lives in the software mobile-ready. Your team is no longer confined to their desks to identify and understand facility issues before repairing them. envVisual gives them all the information they need, on-site, right at their fingertips. That’s the definition of mobile business process management!

We’ve got a lot more to say about this, but we’re saving it for part 3! Tune in later today for the final installment of our series on mobile business process management! Learn more about how envVisual can boost your productivity and process management with a demonstration from a member of our team!

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