Mobile is the present and future of business intelligence. Smartphone ownership continues to grow. Wireless data speeds are also on an upward trend. Tablet use is growing exponentially. A plethora of indicators mark the impending transition from desktop computing to mobile. Business intelligence is going mobile, and people now bring their work everywhere with them on their phones. Even Windows XP, arguably the last bastion of conventional workplace computing for more than a decade, is shutting down support services, ideally pushing users to newer technologies, most of which are built for mobile compatibility, if not entirely-mobile platforms. Gartner Research predicts that by next year, mobile app development projects will outnumber native PC projects 4-to-1. This means that facility management, an industry traditionally split between those at their desks and those repairing their desks, is becoming more digital, more flexible, and more mobile.

envvisual ipad child future facility manager

A future facility manager examines a floor plan using envVisual for iPad

Let’s revisit some of the reasons that mobile is poised to become the future of business intelligence in facility management, but first, why are we re-hashing this? We think it’s vital that FMs get on board with mobile tech. The aging generation of FMs is merging with younger, internet-enabled FM’s joining the cohort, and if they don’t want to be edged out by more efficient processes and updated technology, current FM’s will need to get on board with the rising tide of mobile business intelligence. Here’s why mobile matters:

Increased Productivity: We’ve been over this, but it warrants repeating. Having access information on-the-go dramatically improves productivity. Emails don’t have to wait until you get back to the office. Floor plans can be accessed on your phone and tablet. Field techs can take pictures and send them to FM’s in a snap. All of these added conveniences add up to a more productive (and informed) FM team.

Improved Communication: Mobile devices are, at their core, communication devices. Mobile first came onto the scene as cell phones which did one thing, allow people to talk wirelessly. Even then, they broke ground in delivering business intelligence outside of the office, and they’re easily one of the most relied-upon elements of business intelligence over the last 20 years. Nowadays, it’s an essential part of any business, and brings the communicative power of telephones, email, SMS, digital cameras, and the internet together in devices that are effectively extensions of our bodies. Mobile devices are communication devices, so as business becomes more mobile-centric, improved communication will be a foundation of the way we do business.

Mobile Business Intelligence: When all your communication can be consolidated into one device, accessing and cross-referencing that information becomes infinitely easier. Gone are the days of “I’ll have to print that” or “I’ll need to check my email when I get back to the office.” Access to a wide variety of information virtually anywhere on one device is an unprecedented advance in business intelligence. The “everywhere” element of the equation is especially important for FM’s, as many don’t sit behind a computer all day; they’re out in the field conducting inspections and repairs, meeting with contractors, and managing their facilities.

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