In the daily work of a facility manager, processes are everything. Communication, workflow, and quality control all follow distinct processes that ensure that maintenance work gets completed correctly and on time. At envVisual, we respect the sanctity of your processes, which is why we’re built to integrate with your processes, not the other way around. Here, we’re looking at a typical issue resolution process with and without envVisual.

process flow without envVisual

A sample workflow process without the aid of envVisual

One of our clients has a layered process to resolving issues, involving several people and crucial steps to ensuring high quality service. First, they would send out techs as inspectors in the field, reporting issues for clients and reporting them back to HQ. This reporting took the form of notes on the location of the issue, the nature of the problem, the extent of it, and sometimes a picture taken with a digital camera, which could only be seen when the camera returned to the office and the pictures uploaded. Then, the property manager overseeing the site diagnosed the problems and decided who the best team to resolve the issue was. They then relayed the details of the issue to the contractor, who was dispatched to resolve the issue. Finally, they sent the initial inspector to the site to ensure the work was completed effectively.

processes simplified with envVisual

Processes simplified and clarified with envVisual

Before envVisual, every step of this process could take hours sometimes days, as they struggled with phone calls, emails, and manual data-entry. This meant that the time it took to resolve an issue was often more than a few days. envVisual streamlines these processes and coordinates communication automatically based on your protocols. Implementing envVisual wasn’t difficult, as we sat down with them, mapped out their processes, and reflected them in envVisual. When they were up and running, issues were being recorded, delegated, and sometimes resolved within the scope of a day. The time saved on their layered process flow with envVisual improved their tennants’ satisfaction and freed up their team to focus on longer-term maintenance issues that they hadn’t previously had time for.

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