Productivity is always a concern for any company. Everybody wants to get more out of their “workday”, and it feels like we are all running against the clock. So when it comes facility management, here are a few tools to help you increase productivity.

Facility management inspections: The “old way”:

Tools like pen, paper, excel and even a digital camera have already become the “old way” of doing things, taking along with them disorganization and  frustration.

Simplifying the process:

Introducing digital inspections, the way to take control and get “your” time back.

  • Plan and schedule daily: with facility management inspection software (e.g.:envvisual) you can plan, schedule, view in map or calendar, make lists and more to easily organize your inspections and facility inspections checklists on a daily bases.
  • Use digital reports and go green, don’t use paper: not only you will contribute to the environment but also get back so much of your own space by reducing the need of filing storage and printing machines. Download and email the digital report’s PDF.
  • Facility management apps are easy to use:  facility management inspection software allows you to empower and train members of your staff to become inspectors. You can also track their activities to review their performance
  • Online report forms: impress your customers by presenting a complete form and reports that detail all the activities and allow to compare notes.
  • Checkboxes, Autotext, and Built-In Camera: Inspect quickly, efficiently, and accurately by using web and mobile applications with an interactive and user friendly graphical interface.