Still using excel, post-it’s or email folders to track your space needs?

Leapfrog to the envVisual 21st century and drop the spreadsheet today!

Top 10 reasons to dump the spreadsheet and envVisualize your facility

  1. Visualization – envVisual lets you see areas to scale and any pictures that have been taken– with excel no plan, no pics.
  2.  Reliability- we guaranty uptime on our redundant servers. When your hard drive crashes, you lose the spreadsheet. envVisual is secure and backed up in the cloud, no worries here!
  3.  Less time/ Less cost – Ever had to fiddle through cells and tabs to get to the task you need ? How much time are your employees spending combing through and trying to figure out what it means in the excel spreadsheet? Why not visualize it in envVIsual today?
  4.  Space saver – How big is that spreadsheet? Keeping backups? Taking up space? Why? Move to the cloud-stop worrying about space and backups?
  5.  Industry changes- Will your spreadsheet keep you on top of industry changes? Be on the cutting edge with envVisual.
  6.  Sharing & Collaboration- It’s almost omnipotent; everything is shared real-time on any browser or mobile device – Don’t go through the hoops needed to share your spreadsheet.
  7.  Runs on automatic- Reports of any custom criteria you choose, delivered real-time or on a recurring schedule.
  8.  It’s a subscription-Nothing to manage, maintain or upgrade.
  9.  We are the world-Runs on any connected operating system
  10.  Scalability – going from 10 to 100 locations? envVisual knowledge increases by a factor of 10. Spreadsheet breaks.
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