Visual touchscreen facility management software that systematically streamlines your maintenance reporting, tracking, and resolution of issues.

WORLDWIDE, April 2013—.  envVisual, the worlds first visual facility management application is task based and gives Facility Managers the ability to access, manage, and report all aspects of their facility maintenance needs from start to finish from any touch screen device , computer  or browser.


This revolutionary software is designed to provide time saving solutions to issues Facility Managers face everyday.  Through a touchscreen or browser, an issues’ location in your space is displayed with pinpoint accuracy and pushed out to stakeholders.   The software can display local, regional, national and global portfolios that allow a manager to drill down to find any detail of any issue.

“With envVisual you do not have to get “lost” in the shuffle of facility management, everything is visual and right in front of you on your iPad” – Nathan Wan CompsDoc LLC


envVisual is a data gathering powerhouse designed to let you manage every aspect of facility management  anywhere, anytime.  Users have the ability to view, log, assign, track, and resolve all  facility management tasks.  If a light bulb is out on the first floor, simply create a task that will be passed  to the proper channels to be resolved.


“We created envVisual to streamline facility management, whether you have multiple properties or just one, it scales easily as you acquireor dispose of space to manage” – Brett Van Beever envVisual


envVisual is designed for any facilty space and can be customized to your specific needs.  Multiple properties can be managed in envVisual online, even if they are in different states and countries.  While the software is designed for fast and efficient processing through use of touch screen computers, it can be utilized via any computer with an internet connection.


. The team developing the software have more than 60 years of combined software development, design, and corporate real estate experience.  They created envVisual to provide a simple, intuitive way to solve issues in facility space.

To see firsthand what envVisual can do to streamline, upgrade, and simplify your facility management needs go to to watch a demo and to learn more.



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