Automated facilities management is getting more advanced. With artificial intelligence improvements expanding every day, the introduction of robotics into the management and building dynamics like control and cleaning, is more than a possibility.

Robotics could put facility management at the cutting edge of technological advancements in building needs. There’s even expectations that new processes will be able to equip robots to ‘see’ obstacles in their path. These software advancements, coupled with cloud technology, provides the computing power to respond to different situations with high functionality.

The tasks robots would be expected to complete include cleaning of anything from light fittings to floors and walls, to mowing lawns and vacuuming carpets. These tasks are considered ‘low-tech’ and often backbreaking tasks that traditionally have had to be completed manually, at great cost, and with the added challenge of human resource management.

Consumer electronics already use robotics,  domestic vacuum cleaners are available, which prowl the living rooms of homes across the world while the occupants sleep.On a more industrial scale, a hospital in the UK has achieved automation in laundry and waste removal.

Robotics will help building owners and managers complete tasks that are often expensive to outsource, saving hundreds of thousands of thousands per year. These workplaces are likely to include these technologies and the added convenience that eliminates tedious manual work.

Facilities management software like envVisual and advancing robotics sound like a match made in technology heaven!