Our office is abuzz today, as we have just begun testing the beta version of envVisual for iPhone and Android smartphones! While some apps can almost translate 1-to-1 between tablets and smartphones, we didn’t want to give our users a clunky user experience built for a different interface, so we built the app from the ground up. This has produced a visually-engaging, functional app that we know our customers will love. Beyond how useful envVisual already is for delivering mobile business intelligence, envVisual for smartphones means that for much of your team, you won’t have to buy any new hardware for them to be able to deliver data from the field!

We don’t yet have a firm release date, but we couldn’t keep this to ourselves, so to give you a sneak preview, we’ve got a few screenshots to show you how our platform looks on a smaller (iPhone) peripheral. Please note that client information has been blurred out to protect their privacy.

Prudential Building on envVisual for iPhone

Building-level view of envVisual for the iPhone

envVisual property manager map view

envVisual’s Property Manager version, complete with maps detailing site locations

envVisual floor plan zoomed with live issues

Here we have a view of envVisual you’re probably familiar with, only on an iPhone with live issues populated (and icons matching the issues!)

envVisual live issues floor plan

The same floor plan as above, zoomed out to plan-level view

full blown floor plan envvisual

A fully-zoomed-out floor plan. Of course, native pinch zoom brings you to a more detailed view!

envvisual issues grid view

Because screen real estate is precious on smartphones, we’ve moved the issues grid to another view.

To learn how envVisual can help your facilities team deliver and access mobile business intelligence anywhere, let us know in the form below and we’ll get in touch with you!

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