Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) seem to be inherently complicated. There are always a plethora of factors to consider, processes to manage, and stakeholders to please. As a result, many of the facility management software options are extremely difficult to set up and roll out, but not envVisual.

I recently spoke with a friend who works for a global property management company about the challenges they face with their newly-purchased CMMS platform. While I won’t name the property management company or the software outright (for the sake of discretion), the discussion was extremely revealing about the how difficult it can be to roll out facility management software across a large organization. In many cases, if there isn’t somebody internally who can manage the setup of the software, train the staff, champion its use, and answer questions that emerge, then adoption of the platform is likely to fail, rendering the investment made futile.

In this case, the initial investment was made almost 4 months ago, and the platform still isn’t rolled out entirely. She told me of desperate memos from executives, first asking, then demanding that employees start using the platform, and how they’re now forced to hire somebody entirely new to manage the implementation and finalize the setup, which will end up costing about as much as the software itself. Why aren’t employees using it? Overwhelmingly, she says, people find it too complicated. The setup process is clumsy and unclear, and the software provider hasn’t provided sufficient training materials to manage the mountainous task of administering the platform.

Simplicity is envVisual’s strong suit. We’ll help set it up and along the way, we’ll train you on how to take the reigns and own the system in a matter of days. The system is built for ease-of-use on the surface for people who aren’t necessarily tech-savvy, but still allows for deep data gathering and reporting under the hood. Our comprehensive training materials and process will leave your team feeling comfortable and confident using envVisual. When questions do emerge, you’ll have a knowledgeable envVisual support specialist available to help you.

envVisual delivers mobile business intelligence on a system that won’t take several months to implement. Improve your team’s efficiency, process management, and overall effectiveness by getting envVisual today! Sign up below for a free demonstration to see how envVisual can work for you and your team!

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