At envVisual, we talk a lot about mobile, because it is the most significant shift in the way people access information since the advent of personal computing. It represents a portability of vast amounts of data unlike any ever seen before. We have covered the topic before (here) but we can’t emphasize enough the power of mobility in modern maintenance process management. Today’s key feature is personalization.

By delivering information through a controlled platform on a mobile device, providers can customize the information delivered for the audience in totally new ways. For example, with envVisual, it’s simple to personalize the information depending upon whose device is retrieving the data. Some users will need high-level perspective of the state of their facilities. They want access to reporting, analytics, and all activity. Meanwhile, other members of the team might only need one floor or building. Moreover, the data can be created, gathered, edited, and delivered in the field, where it is most actionable.

In addition to personalization, mobile business information through envVisual delivery increases efficiency, streamlines communications, collects activity data, distills that data into valuable insights and business intelligence, and simplifies the challenges of managing multiple ongoing maintenance initiatives.

envVisual will change the way you run your facility. Touch base with us below to learn how!

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