As a data gathering tool, envVisual is powerful for informing the processes that keep your facility operating efficiently. We looked at some of the data from our clients to get an understanding of what kind of issue occurs the most frequently across multiple facilities. Given the plethora of issues that do get recorded, we were surprised at the sheer simplicity of the most common issue. Think about it in terms of your house: what handy work are you performing most often? Landscaping care might be front-of-mind because the summer leads lawns to grow unlike any other time of year. Plumbing issues are also common occurrences in my home, and with such a higher volume of traffic in a facility, it seems likely that plumbing issues could be at the top. Without further ado, the kind of issue that gets reported most frequently in our facilities is… (drumroll please…)

Lighting. Lighting issues are unique in that it is one of those maintenance tasks that is overlooked until there is an issue, and then it is a huge issue. Now this isn’t to say that lights are the most common issues that happen in every facility, but we think there are a couple of reasons why lighting issues are the most commonly reported. First, it is an issue that is not easily resolved by non-facility employees. Despite how simple a concept we may see it as (“How many FM’s does it take to screw in a light bulb? Probably just 1.), it requires knowledge of light fixtures, bulb compatibility, bulb storage and ladder location, and at its most complicated, knowledge of ballasts and electrical systems.

As most people know, flickering light is infuriating, especially when the lights are bright and the flicker rate is rapid. Imagine trying to work under what is effectively a strobe light on an unpredictable pattern. More often than not, corporate facilities use florescent lighting, which has a tendency to flicker before burning out, unlike incandescent bulbs which burn out and simply stop giving off light. The frequency of lighting issues being reported probably has something to do with how annoying it is to be under a malfunctioning light, or worse yet, no light.

Do you notice a high proportion of lighting-related issues in your facility? Is there another kind of issue that happens more frequently? We want to know what it is! With envVisual’s data-gathering, you can better understand what parts of your facility are deteriorating or malfunctioning the most, and create a preventative maintenance program to preempt the issues that cause a loss of productivity in your team. Get envVisual today to start tracking your facility’s issues!

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