Our facilities are the inanimate faces of our organizations. They are a first impression for clients and prospective candidates, and employees’ home away from home. In many cases, we spend as much of our waking lives in our workplaces as we do at home, sometimes more. Thinking about this led us at envVisual to wonder what parts of a facility are the most important? Whose maintenance takes priority?

Of course, the answer to this question depends heavily on who is being asked. Everybody takes note of different aspects of a given space, and everybody has a different concept of ‘importance’ when it comes to a facility. I suspect that the best answer is ‘the whole thing’ but let’s preclude that from being an acceptable answer. Instead, think critically about what part of your facility make the most impact on you, or that you think make the most impact on visitors. Think about the people that use your facility. What is the most noticeable feature upon entry or exit? What activities are they doing that would impact how they perceive your facility?

From the perspective of an FM, the most important part of the facility might be behind the scenes, such as the roof or plumbing and electrical systems, without which the facility would invariably shut down. On the other hand, surface-level issues such as broken desks and doors, dirty carpets, walls, and ceilings, and general clutter can certainly have an impact, albeit often psychological, on the people using your facility. So, for the people not directly involved in the upkeep of a piece of property, the judgement over the most important part of the facility seems to exist somewhere between form and function.

In the end, from our perspective here at envVisual, the most important part of a facility is the people – the people who manage the facility as well as the people who use it because in the end, any given facility would not exist without both of these parties. Our mission at envVisual is to empower the people who manage facilities with the tools and information to increase efficiency and productivity. Find out how envVisual can turbocharge your facility management efforts by requesting a demo below!

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