This year the facility management industry is working to adapt to new approaches and technologies available. Here are the four top challenges we forecast for 2016:

#1  Cost Savings

Just because repair work is unpredictable it does not mean that you don’t have control over it. Establishing prearranged pricing with your all your vendors, including not to exceed predefined limits that require your authority to override, gives you a level of control over the unpredictable nature of facility management.

#2 Gather Reliable Data

As a facility manager capturing of reliable data is one of the top two pressing needs to address your organization’s needs.. This is  the case for both larger and smaller companies. You will need reliable data in order to make strategic decisions and to report out accurately on maintenance and repair spending. Some organization spend too much time reacting to repair situations that have already gone wrong, instead of investing in preventive facility management work which could save time and resources in the long term. The adoption of new technology such as facility management apps, and software could be a deal breaker to transition to reactive to preventive FM work. 

#3 Vendor  management

A major trend from previous years was the issue of outsourcing. Companies are always going to do it to some degree. It’s dealing with the changing amount of work and the management of the pool of vendors is the challenge. Having easy access and up-to-date, searchable data on your vendors that allows you easily resolve issues as well as demonstrate regulatory compliance and that limits your liability can save a great deal of time and money.

#4 Increased Workload

As operational budgets are being squeezed the burden of vendor recruitment, selection and management falls to the facility management organization. Then, finding dependable vendors at reasonable prices becomes a top challenge and priority.

Some companies work with a large amount of service providers, and the task of communication and management of each service and work orders becomes very time consuming. Facility management software can facilitate easy management of providers, inspections and work orders, all in the cloud and available from anywhere in the world.