Technology is an increasingly essential component of the successful facility management team. It is already commonplace to use technology to manage a wide variety of processes and track the health of facilities over time. Technology, especially mobile business technology allows you to gather data on the events happening over time, track asset maintenance and degradation, and conduct inspections with ease. What we often ignore is how technology can help us manage our people – our internal teams, our contractors, and our constituents. Here are three of the ways that tech can help.

Scheduling: Back in the day before everybody had access to mobile tech, scheduling meetings or maintenance visits was a process of calling to coordinate. Both parties would check their schedules, with back and forth proposals of possible times. For contractors, the scheduling process takes more than a simple time slot – it involves coordinating multiple people, verifying that they are getting the right amount of hours for that pay period, that they aren’t already scheduled for another job, and that they will be there at the proposed time. While there’s still a human element of coordination needed, technology can help! envVisual’s integration with scheduling manager allows for users to put maintenance requests into their system and have it dispatched to the contractor easily, who can then use scheduling manager to report back on what time they’ll be coming.

Another useful tool called is an email plugin that will connect to you calendar and allow you to send multiple openings to someone with whom you plan to meet. When they select a time, it automatically sends you both a calendar invite.

assitant.to_scheduling_appointments is a new helpful tool for setting appointments easily directly through email

Work Review & QA Inspections: With envVisual, QA (quality assurance) inspections are made simple. Previously, a QA inspection required someone to revisit the space to ensure that work was completed. If something was unfinished, the client would have to call the tech back to the office and have them complete the work a second time, often without clear instructions on what wasn’t done properly (e.g. the stain in the carpet is still visible). With envVisual, the client can take a picture of the issue before the resolution is performed and compare it with the final result, share that comparison with contractors, and once the work is completed, close out the issue directly in the software. envVisual will also provide them with a checklist of items to inspect after work is completed, ensuring that even novices can perform inspections.

Coordinating QA and inspections is made easy with envVisual!

Coordinating QA and inspections is made easy with envVisual!

Communication: Perhaps the linchpin in managing people is communication. In any relationship, communication is key. Technology can aid communication efforts beyond the scope of a simple phone call or email. With mobile business technology like envVisual, communication can be aided with pictures, templated problem sets, automatically-generated and dispatched work orders, and much more. Your phone and tablet are no longer just a phone or tablet – they can be complete communication portals, allowing you to simplify and automate communication with everyone involved in your organization.

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