Mobile Business Intelligence (Mobile BI) is the empowerment of business intelligence through mobile technology. It has been defined as “the capability that enables the mobile workforce to gain business insights through information analysis using applications optimized for mobile devices” by authors Kim Verkooij and Marco Spruit in the Journal of Computer Information Systems. But what is Mobile BI really about, and how does envVisual improve facilities teams’ Mobile BI?

What Mobile BI really refers to is the leveraging of new mobile technologies to facilitate communication, deliver pertinent information on-the-go, and improve overall business workflow and productivity. envVisual is a product built specifically to improve Mobile BI for facility and property managers. It accomplishes this by putting vital information at the fingertips of the numerous stakeholders responsible for maintaining a facility and resolving the problems that inevitably emerge within any given space.

With envVisual, on-site inspections, as well as real-time resolution tracking and data can be performed using a mobile device (such as a tablet or smartphone) and the results are recorded and stored in the cloud. We make it easy to report facility-related issues and notify all parties involved with resolving the issues. Using floor plans of the managed facilities, issues can be marked and described easily and quickly, giving facility personnel the breadth of information they need to get the job done right the first time. Going beyond short-term issue management, envVisual’s data also helps improve knowledge about the facility. As issues are flagged, tracked, and resolved, envVisual collects data about your facility’s resource consumption and informs your facility manager about what resources are costing the most and need the most service.

Additionally, envVisual customizes the application to your company’s needs and specifications. We will input floor plans and contact information for all of the parties who assist in issue resolution, from in-house resources to outside contractors. After the initial setup, clients are prepared to respond to any number of incidents or problems quickly and efficiently.

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