Why envVisual?

Simple to use: get started using EnvVisual with little to no training

Why envVisual?

Among all the facility management systems out there, envVisual is something that is a class-apart. It is the first ever, cloud-based facility management software solution in addition to being a cutting edge mobile app that empowers you to keep an eye on your facility and locate the problems anytime and from anywhere in the world using your Smartphone or tablet. The facility management app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices

  •  Simple to use: get started using EnvVisual with little to no training
  •  Cloud based : Use it and don’t worry about servers, backups or installing software, we got it all handled!
  •  Keeps everyone connected: Everyone with EnvVisual can see the problem visually
  •  Task based status updates are given and acknowledged at all levels
  •  Seamless integration with your daily tasks
  •  Our software is simple to use and understand,therefore there is not much you need to learn to use the system
  •  Outstanding features
  •  Real time pictures
  •  Real time tasking
  •  Real time acknowledgements
  •  Backed by quality customer service
  •  Our customer service line is avail from 9-5 to answer all your questions on EnvVisual
  •  Robust, Flexible, Reliable and Secure
  •  Acknowledge facility problems on your long commute to work through a mobile phone
  •  Work from home at ease
  •  Customizable: We can customize EnvVisual to work for you, give us a try today integrate into your existing systems or daily processes your needs

Life with envVisual – the new innovative work order issue resolution technology

Imagine walking around your world of responsibility, touching the space you’ve identified as having an issue needing resolution, such as a light bulb out, wall that needs painting, chairs which are broken, fire extinguishers expired, or funny noises coming from the ceiling, the list goes on day to day, week to week or month to month. Now, what if you had a plan in front of you that you could touch and tell visually through simple drop down logic the what, where, how, and who should take care of these issues and be able to track all this real time.

Imagine your clients, the people who sit in the seats you take care of could also self-report and input the issue directly in the floor plan they have in front of them, take a picture of the problem and send the issue directly into the system to get resolved.

Imagine this issue going right to the person responsible for resolving the issue – showing them the where, what, how and when. The issue resolver who the problem is assigned to, then completes the work, snaps a photo, completes the work order and auto-notifies you for approval. Once approved, the issue is closed and the original person who reported the problem is notified that the work order has been completed.

Imagine a life this simple? With envVisual it is possible, try envVisual today, with the patent pending touch on the plan technology – fill out the form for a free demo below.

EnvVisual enables facility managers to create inspections and work order with the help of their tablet. It also bridges the gap between the maintenance teams streamline the entire tasks related to facility maintenance. With envVisual, everyone in the team can see the problems visually. The app is scalable to all kinds of facilities and properties and you can configure the app according to your specific needs and use it either on a single location or across multiple facilities around the planet. Not only does the app allows you create, but also help you implement your facility inspection checklist to enhance productivity while saving your time, energy and resources.

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