We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Sure, it’s a cliche, but it rings true in facility management in several ways. Many FMs that we talk to rely solely on words – written or spoken – to understand what is happening in their facility. Descriptions are the only information available to locate and diagnose problems. Why is that the case? The technology to provide more than a simple description exists and is readily available, so why aren’t we using it in facility management?

We responded to the limitations of descriptions by creating envVisual. As the name suggests, envVisual is a visual-based CMMS designed to remove the guesswork from issue reporting. With envVisual, every stakeholder involved in maintaining a facility is provided with visual cues to help them get to the problem and resolve it quickly. At a high level, we use floor plans to give FMs, inspectors, and people in the field an immediate understanding of where issues are located. Instead of “take a left when you exit the elevator, walk¬†past 4 cubicles, take a right, and the stain is on the carpet under the 5th desk on your left,” floor plans show you exactly where to go to get to the issue and get it fixed.

Floor plan with visuals

envVisual’s floor plans are clear representations of facilities, with interactive data and real-time updating

Another killer feature of envVisual goes beyond mapping out where issues are located in the facility: in-app camera functionality. That means you can use the camera on your tablet to take pictures of issues and attach them to work orders, showing maintenance teams and contractors exactly what they’re fixing, before they even arrive. We also use icons to indicate what kind of issues are open in a given space. Using icons to indicate what kind of issues gives users a bird’s-eye, at-a-glance understanding of what’s happening in their facilities.

envVisual is designed to give everybody involved with your facility a quick, clear system for managing maintenance, and visuals are central to reducing guess-work, inefficiencies, and unclear instructions. Learn how envVisual can supercharge your facility management efforts by requesting a demo below!