A growing movement to make WiFi access available everywhere is empowering mobile devices and the users who employ them. The trend can be seen in a variety of contexts. Some municipalities have taken the helm on making internet access widely available throughout their cities. Here in Boston, Mayor Marty Walsh’s “Wicked Free WiFi” initiative has already created 170 hotspots around the city, with a plan for another 130 to become available to outlying areas as part of Boston’s 20 neighborhood Main Street programs.

Google recently announced an ambitious plan to cover the world in free WiFi using satellites orbiting the Earth. This is a separate project than Project Loon, which strove to provide free WiFi via large balloons to under-served areas around the world. Many municipalities already have fiber installed, and simply need to implement the technology to make it accessible to its communities.


The free WiFi movement is growing… giving you access to your facility’s database virtually anywhere!

The implications of this trend are enormous. Currently, many of us pay extremely high costs for cellular service, and don’t opt to pay for additional plans on our tablets or laptops. Free public WiFi could eliminate the need for additional cell service plans, giving us access to our tablet-based services on-site and in the field (perhaps even literally, in a field!). Free public WiFi would enable your team to access on-demand information about your facility wherever and whenever they need it. ¬†That means you can access your envVisual database and get up to speed on your facility, even when you don’t have cellular access on your tablet!

With WiFi access growing rapidly, now is the time to start tracking your facility with envVisual! Drop us a line below and we’ll show you how!

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